Kessels is the only Steam Turbine OEM in India in this power range to successfully supply and install a specially designed Steam Turbine for use in Heavy water application.

From special steam path designs to special metallurgy employed, the production of Steam Turbines for Nuclear power plants requires adherence to the strictest of quality and manufacturing norms in the industry.

We are the first private steam turbine making company to make turbines for Atomic Energy application using Titanium Blades.

Kessels have already supplied a steam turbine of 3 MW Capacity to the Atomic Energy Commission, Heavy Water Plant (HWP) division in India. This exposure to a Nuclear Plant makes Kessels the only Indian Company with such unique experience and is a strong endorsement of our design and quality control systems.

Why nuclear power plants prefer Kessels Steam Turbines?
– Unique Titanium Blade Technology and advanced metallurgy that gives you heavy duty and long lasting turbines.
– Dedicated Kessels support and service with easy spare parts procurement process
– Component repair and re-manufacturing solutions
– Refurbishing and modification of steam path.
– Best value on Annual maintenance contracts (AMCs)