5KW to 30 MW Power Capability Steam Turbines

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Kessels has been a dominant force and gained a leading position in the market of manufacturing and supplying industry-specific, tailor-made Steam Turbines to suit the customer's needs since the time it came into existence in 1987. The group has seen unprecedented success over the years in the field of Designing, Manufacturing and installing Steam Turbines in various industries vie; Sugar, Steel, Paper, Chemical, and Nuclear; up to a single installed capacity of 30000KW.

Our persistence on using State of the art technology in Manufacturing and Design of our Steam Turbines helps create value while providing a complete energy solution to the customer. The use of Advanced assembly lines and employing highly trained and motivated personnel safeguard the interest of our clients for Quality, Performance and Delivery assurances; and have been successful to date in meeting these standards to over 500 customers with a combined installed capacity of over 1500MW over India and many other countries around the Globe namely; Fiji, Vietnam, Pakistan, Nepal, Argentina, Korea, Trinidad & Tobago, Oman, Uganda, Bangladesh, Peru, U.A.E, Kenya and many more. Learn more about our global presence here.

Kessels started with the ideals of a sustainable organization, serving to generate value and bring about new innovations which would largely benefit our customers and the society, economically and environmentally. Through years of investing into Research and Development and reviewing the impact of availability, the supply patterns and the use of various energy sources, we can now claim to possess one of the most economical and efficient design for a complete industrial Steam turbine setup generating Energy and Power.

Corporate conscience and the business ethics observed by our management team support the basic principles on which the company was founded, and is still integrated into our business model today. This practice of maintaining an ethical background, to work, and responsibility towards our society helps keep us ahead of the competition, and to deliver an appropriate solution to the energy problems faced by our customers. The company’s vision is to become a world class engineering enterprise in the time to come and provide total engineering solution to various industries.