Kessels offers a robust, reliable and highly efficient solution to replace Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV) in Industrial applications.

Kessels Single Stage Steam Turbine lineup is especially suited for handling of Saturated Steam at low inlet pressures to allow for the pressure drop of the steam to generate power through the turbine via geared or gearless Turbo Generator set solutions.

These Turbo Generator sets can comprise either of Induction Generators or Synchronous Generators depending on the requirement of the customer and their needs.

Kessels Industrial PRV replacement solutions can recover wasted energy by reducing the pressure of the steam through its steam turbines, rather than through a PRV. This would not only generate useful power for industrial use, but also cater to the process steam requirement of the Industry. The end result is drastically reduced operational costs and reduced dependency on the Grid/Other more expensive power sources.

Kessels Single Stage Steam Turbines are designed in such a way that enables the customer to enjoy the complete benefits of a PRV (reducing the steam pressure to what the process demands), while generating useful power, and without compromising on the stability or safety of the system or their setup.

Kessels also offers the option of Multiple valve operated Steam Turbines, which ensure that the customers get the maximum power output, even at partial loads and steam flows. These valves are also available in Kessels Single Stage Steam Turbine range, and can be controlled automatically via the special PLC based governing system Kessels offers for its Turbines that are coupled to Induction Generators.

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The versatility of these machines allows for operation with or without gear reducers, with or without pressurized lubrication oil systems and with or without constant speed mechanical governors. With an option of four models to choose from, starting from 20 KW up to 1500 KW (Single Stage Steam Turbine), the customer has a wide array of more than 20 different combinations that can perfectly match his needs and be retrofitted to his existing industrial setup.

Key features:

  • Saturated-Steam-Turbine-Generator-SetVersatile, highly efficient, rugged and robust.
  • Single disc one row and two row Curtis impulse type wheels.
  • Can be retrofitted to any existing boiler.
  • Can operate efficiently with high exhaust steam pressures.
  • PLC based control panel with HMI screen for ease of use (optional).
  • Can be coupled with either Induction or Synchronous Generator.
  • Can be operated in either solo mode or be synchronized.
  • Can be synchronized with the grid and/or other sources of power.
  • Reduces operational costs, has a short payback period.
  • Quick startup times and option of complete automatic operation.