Kessels relies on it strong base of satisfied customers spread over 6 continents, 25 countries and over 600 clients as a demonstration of confidence in its Manufacturing abilities and Quality standards.
Kessels prides itself on its state of the art manufacturing assets, and a comprehensive product range suited to a wide range of applications in various industries
Kessels advanced steam path designs help in retaining its leading position as a manufacturer of one of the most efficient Steam Turbines in India, aspiring for global leadership.
Kessels covers a wide spectrum in the field of power generation solutions, starting from single stage steam turbines of 5 KW capacity to 30 MW Multi stage Steam turbines.
Kessels nurtures a team of highly experienced research and design engineers, which cater to the requirements of its clients by providing customized tailor made solutions for their energy needs
Kessels believes in earning the trust of its customers through highly efficient and responsive after sales support. Our regional offices and a large number of project sites spread over India and across the globe ensure quick response times



Turbine on a Test Bed