API-611 Compliant Single Stage Steam TurbineKessels has the distinction of being a premier supplier of Steam Turbines complying to and exceeding API-611 standards for general-purpose steam turbines.

Today, Kessels steam turbines are driving various pumps, fans and compressors across Oil Refineries in the Middle east, India and South East Asia that meet the stringent design engineering practices laid out by Oil giants and end customers alike.

Some of the distinguishing features of Kessels API-611 Single Stage Steam Turbines are:

Meets & Exceeds API-611 standard.
Provision for Direct Drive Oil relay constant speed governors conforming to NEMA class ‘A’ & NEMA class ‘D’.
Over speed mechanical trip with safety shut off as standard.
Gland sealing through carbon rings (upto six, removable), labyrinths or mechanical steam seals. Any combination of the above three options is also available.
Provision for Single disc single row, and, Single disc two-row Curtis impulse-type wheels (forged steel).
Built in steam strainer (removable) as standard.
Provision for centerline and foot mounted support.
Provision for solenoid trips for remote shutdowns as standard.
Suitable for high inlet and high exhaust steam pressures.
Horizontal and Vertical shaft orientation.

The above features ensure that the customer has complete peace of mind while operating a Kessels API-611 compliant Steam Turbine for their mechanical driving needs.

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