Through the years, Kessels has gradually increased its presence in over 25 countries around the World with its highly efficient and rugged Steam Turbine Installations.

Be it a back pressure steam turbine in a sugar mill in Trinidad & Tobago or a condensing type steam turbine for a waste to power plant in South Korea, or an API 611 Drive Steam Turbine in the Middle east, our clients around the globe will vouch for our service and for the years of trouble free operation of our machines.

Today, the Kessels group has its Steam Turbines installed in each of the six continents, and continues to expand its presence to more countries with its trusted and robust steam turbine solutions.

The following map shows the countries where Kessels has a steam turbine installation:

Kessels caters to a wide variety of industries, with installations in the Sugar Industry, Paper industry, Waste to Power plants, Steel Industry, Geothermal power plants, Solar Thermal power plants, District Heating applications, Petrochemical industry and Oil & Gas around the World.
List of Countries where Kessels has supplied and installed its steam turbines:

• Argentina
• Peru
• Colombia
• Mexico
• Kenya
• Uganda
• Italy
• Egypt
• Pakistan
• India
• Bangladesh
• Nepal
• South Korea
• Vietnam
• Fiji Islands
• Thailand
• Myanmar
• Iran
• Malaysia
and many more.