KESSELS Group boasts of state of the art manufacturing facilities located in its Faridabad and Hoskote works near Bangalore, spread across 12 acres land. Kessels assembly bay consists of 200000 Sq Ft area, where at a given time several machines are assembled simultaneously. Further to ensure high quality, Kessels has In-house manufacturing facilities consisting of large and heavy duty Machines like large base VTL’s, Boring machines, Radial drilling machines, Planning machines etc.d

In house rotor balancing facility is also available to cater to our production servicing needs. Our latest In-house turbine testing facility enables us to perform no load test at the rated turbine speed and also the over speed trip test. This helps us in the final fine tuning of our turbine and hence ensuring the utmost quality of our outgoing product for excellence in various industrial application.

In an extension to a manufacturing facility, Kessels boasts of CNC machining facilities comprising of various CNC machining centers which have been successfully manufacturing Rotor Blades and Nozzles for captive consumption. These 5 axis CNC machines also enable us to manufacture taper and twisted blades which are a hallmark of our turbine.

Also an In-house CNC turning center consisting of large CNC turning machines enable us to machine sophisticated components like the turbine Rotor, Sealing Rings and Labyrinths with high precession. These facilities make us India's leading steam turbine manufacturer.

turbine manufacturing in India Turbines Manufacturing process in India IMG_9970 Single Stage Condensing Steam Turbine