Kessels is the prime choice of many cement production plants across the world for heavy duty steam turbines. With a wide range of machines, Kessels is one of the few original equipment manufacturers of Steam turbines. Kessels is reputed for designing and manufacturing ultra-low pressure steam turbines for extraction condensing and injection condensing modes.

The modern setups of Cement plants require various low pressure injections for maximum utilization of steam, minimizing wastage and optimizing the plant operations with the additional power available. Kessels is among leading steam turbine suppliers to cement industries located in different states of India including Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Punjab and Karnataka and 20 different countries.

The flexibility in design, innovative &efficient steam paths and rugged base load character of Kessels’ Turbines makes possible for power generation with large volumes of steam having low inlet pressures, required in various industries. Kessels is a sure solution to uninterrupted, reliable and stable power supply in cement plants.